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     4449 Sage Road, Warsaw, NY 14569  -  Maps & Directions  -  (585) 786-5684
We are third generation maple syrup producers.  We make and sell Pure New York Maple Syrup products on our family owned farm located on Sage Road in Warsaw, New York. We sell maple syrup in many sizes, maple cream, maple sugar, and everyone's favorite, maple fluff.  We are also a full service maple syrup equipment distributor for Leader Evaporator, H2O Innovation, and Lapierre Maple Equipment.  We carry a large inventory of maple syrup equipment and supplies.  

Our grandfather, Charles Sage, started producing maple syrup on our farm in the 1930's.  Our father, the late great, Roger C. Sage, continued to produce maple syrup and founded our equipment business in 1968.  Roger's life revolved around maple as he remembered going into the woods with his father at 3 years old.  In 2006, Roger's years of dedication and hard work to the maple industry paid off as he was inducted into the Maple Hall of Fame, in Crogan, New York.  He was a delegate for the New York State and Western New York Maple Producers Association and he was the past President and Vice President for the North American Maple Syrup Council.  Roger also spent over 40 years working at the New York State Maple Producers Booth at the New York State Fair.  Roger managed the booth for 25 years and he was an integral part in building the booth into what it is today.   

We currently have 2,600 taps on our 190 acre farm.  All of our taps are on a state of the art tubing system assisted with a gasoline powered vacuum pump.  All the sap flows into two 1,200 gallon stainless steel holding tanks in a centralized location in the woods.  The sap is then pumped a half mile from the holding tanks to our sugar house, using a gasoline powered hydro-vac pump.  Once the sap reaches the sugar house, the sap is run through our reverse osmosis machine to concentrate the sap.  The sap enters the reverse osmosis machine at about 1.8% sugar content and exits at about 7.5% sugar content.  The concentrated sap is held in a stainless steel holding tank elevated in the sugar house.  The sap then flows down into our 3' X 12' oil fired Leader evaporator where it's boiled down to maple syrup.  The syrup is drawn off into a stainless steel troth and pumped through a filter press which filters the syrup.  The hot syrup is then pumped into stainless steel drums for storage or sometimes our canning unit for bottling.        

Sage Family Maple, LLC is family-owned and operated by brother's PhilipMatthew, and Hamilton.
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